By: MBRU | March 18, 2016

Bus riders and operators across Tennessee need your help fighting a bill that would allow the privatization of mass transit construction, operating and maintenance.

SB 2093/ HB 2407 (or The Public-Private Transportation Act) opens the door to "public-private partnerships", also known as P3s which have a bad track record when it comes to providing safe, accessible and affordable transit to the public. Private transit companies routinely cut service and increase fares in order to make a profit. 

The bill is moving fast, and has the support of powerful foreign corporations, law firms and private transportation entities that all want a piece of the action. 

Private entities would be able to finance their projects entirely through public funds and, in addition, collect user fees for use of their transit facilities, meaning increased bus fares. 

Additionally, P3s in transit greatly decrease transparency, accountability, and public input. Private companies are allowed to keep their books closed and are not required to hold public meetings. 

The Public-Private Transportation Act of 2016 is not about making transit planning and operation more efficient, affordable, or safe – it’s about private companies raking in profits off the backs of Tennessee residents. 

MBRU and the Amalgamated Transit Union hope you will join us in calling on our legislature to vote NO on SB 2093/HB 2407. Keep private profiteers out of our transportation funds!

Our elected representatives should study the far reaching, negative consequences of “public-private partnerships” in mass transit.

Karen Camper (615) 741-1898   Reginald Tate (615) 741-2509 
   Curry Todd (615) 741-1866

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