By: MBRU | September 11, 2014

MBRU organizers want evaluative data and reporting on any use of force by private security, more security cameras, and sensitivity training for guards. If security guards are not capable of showing restraint in minor conflicts then they should not be allowed to carry deadly weapons.

MBRU has addressed MATA staff and board directly and on the record at Board meetings and through email about specific needs in regards to security.

The report states "We want security to protect and serve the riders... that are commuting back and forth and not come at us like we are some criminals. Let's build the trust factor and start on a new path," Williams said. Which is just fine for MATA but the transit authority wants to see these proposals in writing and it hasn't." Fox13

According to 7 witnesses the guard had the can of mace in her hand as she followed the two women, one of whom was holding a baby.



Bill Dickerson

Posted on : September 12, 2014

I saw the piece in the paper today and I have several suggestions. First of all I would suggest that the Security Officers be issued foam instead of aerosol chemical agents. It's very effective. It's very local or should I say it only affects normally the person you intended. You don't get over spray and it doesn't contaminate the surrounding area. This is important in any enclosed space such as a bus or building. The accuracy is lowered somewhat so the user's aim is more important but normally proximity to the subject to be sprayed allows for accuracy.

I would suggest training in Verbal Judo or some other conversation technique designed to diffuse confrontation. It's very effective and many police departments train in these techniques. This along with sensitivity training will give the Officers the ability to deescalate most situations.

Area security cameras are effective to show what happened after it happened but often do not directly affect the situation. Body cameras on the other hand show what happened but will in most instances have a large effect on the actions of the Officer and the citizen if they know that body cameras are in use. It protects both parties from misrepresentations and or false accusations.

Tasers should be considered since according to FBI stats the injuries and deaths produced in law enforcement confrontations when Tasers are used are lowest for all the techniques. These techniques include aerosol chemicals,empty hand control, batons, etc.

Firearms should be always be considered as a tool. Proper training is always appropriate with Firearms but if needed it cannot be replaced. As the saying goes better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

All this goes along with a properly trained and motivated security company. If this cannot be found it may be appropriate for MPD to step in and replace the private firms.

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