By: MBRU | March 04, 2015

We are pleased to present the Memphis Bus Riders Union report on the Will Hudson Transit Center, commonly known as the North End Terminal. 

After 1 year of gathering input from riders, MBRU members, MATA staff and drivers, through workshops and outreach, MBRU has finally drafted a report that can be used to determine the fate of the NET. This is a living document that we hope will continue to grow as expansive as the collective imagination of the Bus Riders Union.   

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                 [above image: Riders who are targeted by security are often handcuffed and put in a holding cell without windows or security cameras. Our plan removes the holding cell and transforms this area into a "kids station" for parents who's children need an activities to pass the time between buses.] 

Our recommendations within this report are community driven and designed by bus riders, making this a one-of-a-kind bottom up development plan, and a model for public participation.   

Mayor Wharton's CIP budget proposal includes $2 million for "bus facilities". MBRU sees this as an opportunity to move forward with our recommended low-cost improvements. 

Our recommendations are organized into the following categories: 

I. Safety 

II. Sanitary Conditions: Restroom Renovations 

III. Customer Service 

IV. Public Engagement 

V. Quality of Life 

    a. Amenities 

    b. Atmosphere

Category: MATA improvements 



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