By: MBRU | January 14, 2015


MBRU founder and organizer Georgia "Mother" King was featured in the Commercial Appeal recently. Mother King continues to be an inspiration to local movements for civil rights and social justice. MBRU is proud to see her getting the recognition she deserves. 

“It can’t be business as usual in reference to the needs of the community, the underprivileged, the disadvantaged, the mentally ill, jobs,” she said. “I’m not just in this neighborhood here. I’m all over the city monitoring things.” 

Mother King has touched the hearts of many local leaders. (from the article) "Harris praised her work in challenging “the status quo of the treatment of the homeless and mentally ill. A long-time resident of Memphis, Georgia King is known throughout the city for her passion, intelligence and inspiring attitude, which is attributed to her motto: ‘I’ve got to keep moving,’” he said." -Former Memphis City Council member, now TN State Rep Lee Harris. 

Follow this link to read the full article : 

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