By: MBRU | January 12, 2016

Thank you for all your love and support in 2015.
As MBRU prepares to advance the struggle in 2016, 
let's reflect on what we've accomplished together. 

Fighting for public transportation that puts bus riders first is no easy task, but just look at what we accomplished in 2015 with grassroots organizing:



  • MBRU joined forces with the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 713, meeting monthly with the union to share concerns, strategy and fellowship between drivers and riders. Through these meetings MBRU and ATU Local 713 has created a set of priorities that will guide our lobbying efforts. Together we are launching a campaign for increased operating funds from the city, to fill MATA’s deficit, as well as increasing mechanics, drivers and service, and increasing capital funds specifically for new buses, shelters and improved facilities for riders and employees.


  • We won improvements to MATA’s most used bus facility, the North End Terminal, adopted by the MATA Board to be included in MATA’s fy2016 budget.


  • MBRU pressured MATA to stop it’s “no sagging” policy used by security guards to racially profile and harass riders.


  • MBRU worked with students at University of Memphis and Southwest Community College to support the development of MBRU campus chapters to address the transportation needs of students and campus workers, while engaging students in dialogue around equitable public policy. MBRU student organizers have held film screenings, participated in transit workshops and spoken on panels at the 2015 Environmental Justice Conference and the Workforce To Work summit at University of Memphis.


  • MBRU joined a national effort of transit rider organizations, advocates and the Amalgamated Transit Union to push for increased bus capital in the FAST act transportation bill, and successfully lobbied our mayor and congressman to support the bill.


  • MBRU lobbied Mayor Wharton to secure increased city funding for MATA in the FY 2016 budget





Meet the new Executive Committee! 


At our December meeting we elected the new executive committee that will lead our work in 2016. These transit warriors have demonstrated a strong commitment to the work of MBRU.



Cynthia Bailey & Sammie Hunter


Former Outreach Coordinator, Bailey has been a fearless organizer with MBRU for 3 years. Hunter joined MBRU in 2013 and led MBRU as co-chair in 2015. His no-nonsense approach to negotiation continues to protect the interests MBRU.  



Justin Davis  

Davis is a junior at Rhodes College. Davis joined the MidSouth Peace & Justice Center as an intern in 2015 and quickly found his home in the trenches with MBRU! 



Bennett Foster

Foster joined MBRU in 2012 and served as secretary in 2015. Foster is an organizer with the Transit Justice program at the MidSouthPeace & Justice Center


Outreach Coordinator

Kimberly Harden 

Harden is a dedicated organizer. In 2015 she worked in the Outreach Committee and became well known in the community as a voice for justice. 


2016 We're coming for ya!  

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