By: MBRU | June 16, 2016


City council got a standing ovation for unanimous approval of the fy 2017 operating and capital budget, which includes $7.5 million increase for MATA.                           

This additional funding will help add new buses to the system and prevent further service cuts! We've never seen a budget approved so quickly.

Thank you all for your emails and phone calls and meetings with Mayor Strickland and the City Council. A special thank you to the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 713, Citizens For Better Service, The Memphis Advisory Council For People With Disabilities, the Memphis Transportation Advisory Committee, Innovate Memphis, and the Sierra Club and Lifeline to Success for pushing this issue into the spotlight, and thank you Councilmembers Edmund Ford Jr., Berlin Boyd, Martavius Jones, Janis Fullilove and Mayor Jim Strickland for showing critical support for our public transit system.

This is a good temporary fix that will stave off cuts to service. However, we must continue as a city to push for increased funding from all levels of government to ensure that public transit works for all who need it.

Building Power in Tennessee!

           We at MBRU understand that the power of labor and community united across the state is our only hope for resisting the legislative and corporate attacks on working families in Tennessee. That's why the MBRU Executive Committee has travelled to Nashville several times over the past few months, sharing and strategizing with ATU Memphis Local 713 & Nashville Local 1235 and the Nashville based grassroots organization Workers Dignity. Together we are working to replicate transit rider organizing and rider-driver alliances towards a statewide movement for public transit.

Let's build a movement for PUBLIC transit here in Tennessee; against the privatizers and their "sweatshops on wheels"; against fare increases and service cuts; and for transit that provides true mobility and access for all.

Celebrate Juneteenth With Us!

Juneteenth is a celebration commemorating the greatest racial and economic justice victory in our nation's history: the end of slavery! Join us and our freinds United Campus Workers for celebration, kinship--and food!--to mark this historic day, and reflect on what it means for us in these times.

Gather up at at the Overton Park East Parkway Pavilion with us. Program and supper starts at . Let us know if you have questions or want to help!

In Solidarity,

MBRU Executive Committee

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